It beggars belief that people think it’s acceptable to slow down to 50mph or even 40mph before they leave the carriageway. These clueless idiots seem oblivious to the mess they are causing behind them in order to make themselves feel safe.

Do they think that sliproads are designed to help you view the scenery as you exit the carriageway?

I’d like to see the police start to prosecute a few if these clowns for dangerous driving.


You just know it’s going to end up in your shoe… Or your knee!

Why, oh why do women sing about themselves being sexy.  It really isn’t hard to be vaguely sexy as a woman; you’re going to appeal to some sad bastard somewhere just by slapping on a bit of makeup and showing some extra flesh.  But I need to say that if there’s one thing that is really, really not attractive it is shouting about how attractive you are.


There’s a Sugar Babes song out at the moment called, “Get Sexy”.  The lyrics  are probably the worst form of this disgusting self-promotion I’ve heard in a song,

When I’m walking down the street they say, Hey Sexy.

When I’m dancing in the club they say, Hey Sexy.

This is accompanied by a singularly unattractive woman gyrating embarrassingly on a sofa.  I felt like puking.

Another prime example of women getting it really wrong is the video to Beyoncé Knowles’ single, ‘Single Ladies’ .  What you get if you have the misfortune of coming across this is three women in leotards and high heels, prancing around trying to look sexy.  HorsesSadly, their finely tuned thunder-thighs make them look three well bred half-racehorses; certainly anything but sexy.  I really don’t appreciate a long and lingering shot of a gyrating gusset on MTV when I’m trying to work out in the gym.

Women: if you want to be hot, don’t shout that you are.  It is a sure-fire way to prove you’re not.